works fire

“1000 M Diving Finals” published by Abyss & Apex.

Find it in the Abyss & Apex Magazine ARCHIVES. Issue 71. 3rd Quarter 2019. Flash Fiction.

Dive in with Tani and Nico for a kilometer of free-fall where gold, life and love hang in the balance.

Then there’s the deeper question about trying to be one’s best on the wings (or under the heel?) of instant social media feedback.

“The Rift Cell” published by Daily Science Fiction.

People let things come between them. Rifts form. For a few, their rift becomes a tangible, deadly divide separating them. A very few can see everyone’s rifts. Cavanaugh is one, and now he’s a rift pilot, helping others reunite across their rifts. But in today’s traverse, he’ll learn more about himself than he bargained for.

“Prey Image”

The alien “kirli” have overrun part of the desert in Saudi Arabia and most of West Texas. But crude oil brought humans back. Some think the kirli are ruthless invaders. Some think they’re misunderstood colonists.

Ethan’s new boss in the Texas Nest has a different theory, and it’s bad news for someone weary of slaughtering the alien creatures.

This story is out there seeking a home right now. Keep your fingers crossed. Say a prayer. I can’t wait to share the story in publication.

“Abdulamani’s Borders”

Gabriel Abdulamani has harnessed gravity to create a shield around Israel, to stop the qassam rocket attacks and to neutralize the Iranian nuclear threat. Now he’s lured into the West Bank by a terrorist group with a hostage—the Palestinian woman who understood his work when no one else would listen.

But she’s not exactly a hostage. She has turned his technology against him to destroy Israel. Beware a woman scorned, especially if she studied physics and genetics at MIT.

I’m polishing this story to seek publication soon.

Winter in Blue

We welcomed the ceruleans to Earth twenty years ago. Their diplomat males are elusive, but their exotic females prowl. When Dr. Alexis Laird helps a stranded alien woman, what she learns marks her for death.

I’m polishing this novel for another try.

Visible Scars

Sean Kendrick is shocked to find a huge scar on his wife’s back. Then the scars of multiple surgeries on his daughter’s legs. It continues, with marks appearing on others, all pointing back at Sean as their cause.

He wants his old life back—the life where he never made the mistakes that hurt others—and fights to get it back.

That’s when Detective Bower shows up. A cold case file under one arm.

The scars mark a trail.

From the most innocent of mistakes.

To the darkest of crimes.


In another galaxy, the Nomads harness the power of stars to create a vast network of stable wormholes. Sunpassages. They’re driven to reach the far side of their galaxy, but the fiercely territorial Busk stand in their way.

When an experiment at our sun links to a Nomad wormhole, the battle to control another galaxy spills into our solar system. If the wrong side wins, humanity loses its chance to reach the stars. But it’s not clear which is the wrong side.

The image: fireworks.

One thought on “works

  1. Hello Chris:
    I already know that this is not the way to communicate with you, but it is the only one I have found.
    I want to tell you about an old game that you did in 1999: “Total concentration”. I’ve played it myself, my sisters, sisters-in-law, nephews, etc. Now with Windows 10 we can no longer use it in an easy way. So, I dare, with your permission,
    to ask you (if you can and it’s really easy) that you adapt the installer or the game to work in Windows 10. Or update and get a new version of the game.
    I’m selfish, I know, but I do not want the game to fall into oblivion.
    Thank you very much for reading my message, forgive my boldness and abusive request, and really,
    I’ll understand if you tell me no, it’s been too many years and you do not feel like doing it anymore.
    And sorry for the Spanish-English machine translation.


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