links light painting

Meanwhile, around the interwebs…

Project Mone’t – An indie documentary directed by James Fite, my brother, and produced by Brandon J. Johnson, about the path from abuse to redemption of artist Rae Ripple, who put her story into a stunning work of metal.

JC Nelson writes Urban Fantasy with a flair for action and humor that makes me enjoy a genre I haven’t paid attention to since reading A Wrinkle in Time in the sixth grade.

Al Macy says he writes because he has stories to tell. I figure that helps.

Nadine Ducca – An imagination that will blow your mind.

Michael Hanson – Almost every science fiction novel I read in Jr. High and High School came on the heels of Mike saying, “You want to read this.” One of the smartest people I know with an entrepreneurial spirit. He had his own business in High School and his blog somehow makes business management and “process” interesting.

“The Rift Cell” at Daily Science Fiction  My debut short story. Subscribe to Daily Science Fiction for a flash fiction treat in your inbox each weekday.

Above: light painting with a Christmas tree.