at least one of these guys is made of wax

I’m a writer stuck planetside on a grassy spread in a country called Texas. I left for a few years to serve in the military and scurried back when that was done. My writing is eclectic, leaning toward science fiction.

2018 05 18 Mountain and Tressa

There’s Tressa, but the point of this picture is the abstract chevron mountain art on the wall. When I get around to diving into Etsy, I’ll sell these. For now, one is ready to go out the door. Looks simple (that’s the idea) but it takes about three evenings to make one.

2018 05 18 Mountain Angle

And it’s 3-dimensional!

about lightning

I’m a bit of a shutterbug. Unless otherwise noted (none yet), all images on this site are mine.

Above: A sunset and lightning from our home. Add custom paint filter.