kid quotes

We all started as crumb-crunchers. You’d think their minds wouldn’t be mysteries to us. Ha! I used to jot down some of the doozies my kids threw down. I’ll share from time to time.

Aeric, age 9 | Cass, age 5 | Angela, age redacted

Aeric scraped food from his plate into the dog bowl. Cass fed the dog from the table. I warned her that we didn’t feed the animals until we were all finished.

“But Aeric got to feed the dog,” Cass said.

“Only because I didn’t catch him first.”

When I wasn’t looking, she fed the dog again. Angela saw it and scolded her. “What were you just told?”

Cass looked perplexed. “But Daddy didn’t catch me!”

Pictured: Clay art at a family reunion.

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